Finally Friday

In the mood for spring... via pinterest, via etsy, treasure again
Wohoo, it's Friday. I just love Fridays, especially when it's above freezing point, the sun is shining and the snow melting...
can you tell I'm planning my kitchen? via pinterest, via Made in Heaven
I found out two wonderful things today - my school paper isn't due for another three days, I thought it was tonight... and there is a job opening as a principal at an elementary school where I live - please keep all your fingers and toes crossed, I really would like this job.. I think.
cute - via pinterest
We're again having a sleepover guest... the girls are happy and noisy, and mommy is getting a bit tired.
I want these in my new kitchen.... via pinterest
The rest of the weekend, I have to prepare for Sunday school and write my paper. I hope I'll get some crafting done, hope, hope, hope..

Have a happy, joyful weekend, what are you up to?

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