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Still having some issues with my memory card and computer, this is therefor taken with my phone
I've been wanting to sew "older" clothes for my girls for a while. And then I saw something like this online and I so wanted to make one. I've made adjustments. I've added some colors and on the right pocket I've sewn a word - JOY, in Norwegian - glede. I love to include words, positive words to my garments. I try to pray and think of a word that fits the person wearing the outfit. And sewing this today, I felt JOY was the word.

 I also think it fits an older child- the silhouette is slimmer, the colors and pattern in the fabric fits and the legs are straight. If I had made this for a younger child, I would have put elastic at the bottom of the legs to make the pants more poofy.
i do have a tutorial for this... but I have to work out my memory card issues.

Until tomorrow and finally Friday -have a good one!

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Amy sa...

This is just darling! I love the shirred top. My daughter just asked for a jumpsuit, they are very "in" this year, apparently. :) Thank you for your sweet words on my blog. :)