Finally Friday

Two weeks in a row, wow - really impressed by myself!!! I might (or might not) have created a new habit here...
These are so my colors... via pinterest
This week has been a good one, we've gotten some skiing done, some spending time together, had some guests over, a really lazy day at work, so I'm not super tired today - a good start for the weekend!

Just love these cushions - via pinterest,
this weekend the girls have a sleepover friend, we might go horseback riding tomorrow, or we might just stay at home. 

We're celebrating Mother's Day in Norway on Sunday, so then we're visiting my mother (and father). 

old sweater cushions - via pinterest via Etsy
I didn't cut the fabric for the Valentine dresses, so that will HAVE to get done tomorrow... and we're painting wooden hearts for the girls in the twins' class.
very cute, via Pinterest

But most of all we're going to enjoy each other - I just love them so much and they grow up so very fast, I have to get every moment I can with them...

Happy weekend - what are you up to?

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