I know, I know

 I know - I'm not the most reliable blogger, my posts come out very irregularly. But please consider this: I'm a single mother who works full time, studies 50 % at university and runs three blogs... (have I given you enough excuses for you to forgive me?)
We have tv-shows for children every advent, 24 days before Christmas. The shows alternate, and there are two shows in particular that my girls love - they are both about these little NISSE - Norwegian santas, they are small and live in our barns. One show is about red-nisse and the other about blue-nisse. 

To make a long story a little shorter, the girls wanted me to make the red-nisse hats - long hats. In which I obliged. I love that they ask me for things to make.
 I'm really sorry about the quality of the pictures, they're taken with my phone. My computer was re something over Christmas and I can't seem to get the pictures loaded from my card to the computer and it messes up the memory card.
I'm making Valentine dresses for the girls - I've embroidered this text, it says: I love you because you are you and you are mine!

The dresses will be in white fleece with a big red heart on the chest, stomach area.

Will start cutting the fabric today. I don't like dressing the girls completely the same, so I have to make two different dresses with the same fabrics. Hope they will be up this weekend.

Have a nice one.

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Simple Simon & Co sa...

LOVE the hats...and that saying is so cute!