It's finally Friday

I just LOVE - I mean - I really look forward to Shannon from Luv in the Mommyhood's Weekend Wishes - I love the pictures she finds and the text she writes, and I have been wanting to copy her make something in that line myself. 
Restoration hardware via Pinterest - I'm redoing my kitchen - very slowly, looking for inspiration

Friday afternoons are usually really calm in our house, we're all just settling into the weekend, chilling and enjoying ourselves, which means I have some time to sit down by the computer and actually getting a post up.
I love this dress - via Pinterest - www.calypsostbarth.com

This week has been kind of crazy, but not bad. I got a new substitute co-worker which means more work falls on me. I really like her - our faith is really important to both of us so we share a lot of the same interests. i still miss the one she's substituting for, though.
My daughter's favorite - via Pinterest via Burdastyle

Then we had two deaths at the school next door, one old teacher, just died suddenly and a student - which is so tragic because he drove himself to death. Some of my friends have been really affected by this, and I feel so bad for them, wishing I could do more for them, something to relieve the pain.
I love, love, love - have to have this in my house... via Pinterest via www.apartmenttherapy.com

On a brighter note, Ariana lost her front tooth - it's hard being twins when one twin looses four teeth before the other has lost one. Now they have lost respectively 6 and 4 - evening things out.

crochet polkadots - mmh - via Pinterest via www.littlewollie.blogspot.com
This weekend I plan to get at least an hour worth of work done on my kitchen, I want to start my daughters' valentine dresses and I'm teaching Sunday school Sunday. The girls might sleep over at my parents' house tomorrow (may I hear some cheering for that one?) and then the weekend is pretty much over - need to get some rest in as well, right?

What have you planned? And how has your week been?

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nic sa...

my plans: i am currently developing a sore throat, but i'm planning to NOT get sick! we'll see how that goes. :)

LOVE the burda coat...just the right amount of frill.