Changes of Lifestyle

I am So ready, just so ready to make some changes in my life. After my divorce about seven years ago, my weight has gone one way, up... I don't like what I see, I really do feel handicapped i social happenings because I feel so ashamed of who I've become. At the same time, I'm so angry at the "world" for making me feel so concerned about the way I look. I have two daughters, I really want to teach them the IMPORTANT things in life - where looks are only skin deep. (Okay, so maybe fat is a little deeper than the skin, but you get my picture)

Then there's the thing of teaching them a healthy lifestyle, while NOT being obsessed about weight. I think THAT's important!
Wee all have our value and we are ALL beautiful women

I am changing my lifestyle, for ME - to feel better about myself, yes, definitely, but also to have a healthier lifestyle. I want my heart to pump for a lot of years to come, I want to feel full of energy and I want to be able to run and play with my girls. 

i also want to change my lifestyle to be a good role-model for my girls. I want them to see that their mother takes good care of herself. I want us to be a healthy family, so that they will know what to do when they start a home for themselves. I want to teach them that it is more about healthy than looks.

I never imagined this post being so hard to write, I was just coming in here to tell you about my plans, to make them stick a little more, to have some witnesses, so that failing would be harder, but then thinking about other people in the same situation, I don't want to add pain to others out there feeling bigger than they want. I know it can be painful being big, you don't always feel good in social settings, and I don't want to add to that pain. 


But because of the reasons mentioned above, and because it is right for ME, I do want to make some life changes and I hope I loose some weight in the process. And I will document it here - to help me along the way, I can't fail now, I have the whole web looking (yeah, right, Tone - more like 69 people)

And this is my plan:

Smart goals:

S - specific - I want to loose 20 kg, I want to be able to job 5 k and I want to eat LESS sugar
M - measure - same as above!?!
A - attainable - I think they are
R - realistic - weight - within next summer, running - within 9 weeks
T - as above

I have joined a forum where I will write down everything I eat and all my activity.

I have started already to exercise for half an hour every morning before I wake the girls, five days a week.

I will start to collect healthy choices of food - I have some recipes already.
My food plan is LESS carbs, but not Atkins or anything extreme. I'm doing something I can live with - FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

So wish me luck, please!

I will still be posting creative work and tutorials, I will also keep you up to date how my changes are going, what is working for me etc. I will also write more about being a single mother - because I think us SINGLES are doing a good job!

Right now I'm remodeling my kitchen, painting every surface... a room upstairs and tidying (throwing away) the girls toys. I just don't have much time for creative, but my fingers are itching, Angel drew a dress she wants me to make, so suddenly I'm back...

Getting the girls to bed, then getting ready for my early morning jog...

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Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE sa...

You can do it! After my first daughter I gained a lot of weight, and then before I got pregnant with my second daughter I lost 30lb over the course of a year. I didn't do anything extreme, I just made a habit of exercising and thinking about what I was eating, and not giving up entirely if I went a day or two of not working out or eating too many junk foods. Take each day one day at a time! And enjoy how fantastically energetic it makes you feel!

Amanda at Double Stitching sa...

Tone, good for you! I actually had a lot of trouble getting pregnant and lost about 40 pounds and found out shortly after that I was pregnant with our twin girls! Being healthy so we can be there for our children is so important. I wish you the best of luck in this new journey you are taking!

Evie Jones sa...

This is so inspirational. I too struggle with my weight and am working towards losing over 50lbs. I'm over half way but its a long slow journey. I have to do this for my health and to show my children that healthy is a way of life and that mummy takes care of herself.
But can I also add that I am not a single mummy, and I applaud you for doing an amazing job with your girls, and still finding a way to be your own woman and care for yourself. I cannot imagine that it's easy so I salute you. Good luck with this plan. I'm sure you'll succeed.