31 days - 12 and 13

Yesterday the girls gave their letters to their teacher. She was very happy about them and decided to make a poem wall in the classroom - and put them up there.

I really like that she did that - the girls got a really nice confirmation that when they try to be nice to someone, it's appreciated.

Today they didn't get a new challenge. Their father is visiting and we all went bowling together. I really enjoy doing things like that together, showing the girls that even though we're not married anymore, they are what's important to the both of us.

Angel was wayyyyyyy too tired today though, and threw several fits... Someone has told me that some 7 year olds go through a pre-puberty age - she's definitely there... ah! When she gets like that, she feels like she is the worst at everything, she can't bowl, no one likes her,  she is the ugliest...
and the only thing that helps, is really putting her on my lap and comfort her and tell her great things about herself. i wish she was born with the same kind of confidence as her sister....

And during this month of LOVE, i really hope she'll see how great she really is!

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Evie Jones sa...

Such a good teacher to appreciate them so much.
I applaud you and your ex-husband for putting your children first. It seems like such an intuitive thing to do but I've seen people not do it. I don't think it can be an easy thing, which makes it even more admirable.
And I suspect, if you both keep doing what you're doing, Angel will realise just how wonderful she is and how loved and lovable she is too.