kcwc - day 6 and 7, of course someone has to throw BIG fit!

 On the very last day of this week, my dear daughter has thrown a big tantrum, lasting more than two (2) hours!!!!!!! I was really in my sewing mood, starting the above dress, and that's how far i got... but before the week is up, you WILL be able to see the finished product, you see, this is my signature outfit for Project Run and Play.... I WILL FINISH IT......
 I finished the apron - my tantrum girls drew on it for her cousin, it reads: my apron, I like to cook! It's her birthday at the end of the month.
so here is everything i accomplished this week, not bad, when you look at it like this, but i still didn't get everything i wanted done...
Romper - no
black dress - no
Christmas dress - in the making, but with a different inspiration
coat - in the making, but more like a cape
hooded dress - started, but need to rip some seams
shirt - no
pj's - yes
skirt - yes
bow tunics - yes
tunic - no
From this list, I still need to make an everyday dress, bought a pattern..
Christmas dress, started
coat - started
fleece jacket - oh well

I'm happy with everything I accomplished - but something else has to pay when i sew this much in one week - now I HAVE to correct some Norwegian tests!!!

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Evie Jones sa...

My boy can throw tantrums like that...his record is just over 4 hours!
But you've been marvellously productive and I love all the things you've made this week.
Hope the tests weren't too awful!