31 days - "pulling my hair"

Today has really been a one-of -a-kind kind of day. My darling daughter has had a tantrum for more than two hours, only because I'm not going to be home all day tomorrow. On Mondays I work until 5:30 and then tomorrow I'm going straight to a seminar about Faith at home - something I really enjoy and want to attend - learning how to bring up my girls believing in Jesus.

And it would have been so easy for me to tell her that I'll stay home, because she's telling me that the only way that I can show her i love her is by telling her I won't go..... (testing me, yes I know) 

And BECAUSE I love her, like i never thought was possible, I'm not going to tell her that. I'm going to that seminar, probably sitting there feeling very guilty, but also knowing I'm doing the right thing. 

I don't want to teach her that she can cry her way into things. I want her to grow up and be a well liked girl and a teenager that knows how to behave and to treat others. 

I did make sure that we spent some quality time together today, though, like after her tantrum and her crying and her wishing she died.... yes, not nice to hear!

Some days ago she wanted us to have a beading competition, and see whom of us finished first, so that's what we did tonight. And I know she knows I love her, and I know she's just testing me (she never had her terrible twos), but it would still have been so much easier for me to stay home tomorrow. 

BUT I AM NOT!!! Because I love her and I want to show her the right kind of love - the love that also cares about who she will be when she grows up!

I love you Ariana, always and always, no matter what you do or how angry you are with me!

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Anonym sa...

Nice color choice on the blog. It is really easy on my eyes and I have bad eyes too so that's a really big compliment lol

Lisa Burger sa...

Good job mommy raising your girls in the way of The Lord Jesus! Praise Him for His grace and mercy to do so ;)