A little love, a dress of her dreams, some inspiration

 it's showing love creating the dress of her dreams, right?

My daughter saw this dress, and it's her favorite dress of all times - she wanted different colors, though, more pink.

I made the dress to be able to be warn four different ways, with the "belt" and tutu, with the "belt", no tutu... without the "belt" and tutu and without the "belt" and tutu...
 The bow is also detachable...

 no belt- with tutu
 used buttons in the back
 no belt, no tutu
 belt, but no tutu

 And her favorite way:
 Belt and tutu!
She'll be using this for Christmas, every little girl needs a princess dress at least one time in her life...

This is also my signature dress for Project run and play...
I always make things that can be worn in different ways or reversible dresses, 
my signature I think is making something that's versatile!

I'll be back later for a tutorial for the "belt" - it can be made with any dress with buttons down the back!

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