31 days - I've lost count!

 What a crazy, busy week ... I've had seminars, crazy at work, my students were caught cheating, correcting tests, going horse back riding, finishing my daughters dress, teacher's seminar day, Sunday School, two birthday parties....

Maybe that's why my daughters, one in particular, really acted up at church today!?!

The pictures are the birthday gifts, one for a neighbor lady, I used this tutorial: 
Embroidery hoop tute - I made it in a neutral color and painted some French words in front - bless this home.
 Today the girls had a party at a play land for one of the girls in their class. i made a jersey knit skirt with a flower appliqué and a bag.

 i'm stll setting my boundaries with my acting-up-daughter. Still showing tough love - because I think she needs it.
Today I want to link to a very nice post I read about 10 things children always will remember!

Read it!

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