Christmas dress "belt"

I've promised you guys a tutorial for the belt of the Christmas dress. 
I only have two pictures - my bad!

But - here you go:
1: measure the waist around and the height you want the belt.

2: Cut two pieces of fabric, make some extra room around the waist.

3: Sew right sides together on top and on both sides, leave some room towards the bottom.

4: Put in the decorating fabrics you want - I used lace and tulle. The tulle isn't straight - on purpose.

5: Bend in the bottom edge of the belt part, top stitch around.

6: Make button holes on one side according to the button holes on the bodice.

7: Try on the little girl, measure where the other button holes go - my daughter has already a figure, so these button holes weren't straight.

8: Fasten the belt in the button holes. Tie a ribbon on top of that.

9: Make some tulle flowers, sew on the tulle part!

That's all there is to it - now she will have more dresses in one!

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