Creatively teaching love - 1

It's October 1st!

Shich means the 31 days of blogging about one thing starts today.

I want to - for 31 days - tell my girls I love them, being more creative about it, making sure they "get it".

I want to use Gary Chapman's The five love languages as a starting point. Children up to 12 can switch their main love language, and my girls are 7. I will therefore use all 5 of them.

I will make up 31 notes, giving each of the five languages equal attention. The day before, I will draw one note and see which one I'm doing the next day.

My girls aren't home today, so today I will do good words - and call them!

This will be my 31 days!

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Evie Jones sa...

What a beautiful way to spend a month.