Teaching love, day 2

I still didn't make my 30 "lottery tickets" - so today I've tried to incorporate all five of the love languages.

Words of Affirmation - trying to tell my daughter how pretty i think she is and that she is so good at drawing. I told her i want to make one of her drawings into a dress for her.

Quality time - We needed pet food for our FOUR chinchillas and THREE Guinea pigs - and because I know that they like to go and look at all the animals, I brought them with me and we walked around looking at all the cute animals.

Receiving gifts - the girls have been away for two days, so today coming back, I hade made them two skirts each. i don't think this is their love language, but they do love to get something nice to wear!

Acts of service - same as above, I reckon

Physical touch - I took both girls on my lap, playing on our tablet together - mixing physical touch with quality time.

For tomorrow I drew (yes, I've made the tickets) QUALITY TIME - which is perfect because it's our first day of fall break. 

Now I just need to think of some creative way to get some quality time in - and remember it's not quantity!

if you want to play along, leave me comment in tomorrow's post about how you shared some quality time with your child.

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Evie Jones sa...

What a lovely post!
Today my littlest and I went out for ice cream together so we could sit and talk. My eldest is just starting to learn to read, so we sat an read together at bedtime. Small moments, but incredibly precious.