kcwc planning

This is some of my inspiration for the upcoming kcwc week next week (I have to tell you a secret, I'm cheating - i have fall break this week, and i'm sewing this week instead! shhh)

I have a lot of plans - and together with 31 days, i have some organizing to do....

I'm so happy to be back to creating, though and my girls need some winter clothes. Their old clothes are getting small and I like to dress them in tunics and tights - it's comfortable underneath those thick winter suits.

Now we'll just see how much of this I get done...

For those of you not knowing this yet.. there's a kcwc group on pinterest - here

The pictures above are some of my pins in that group. When I've made an item with inspiration from one of the pins, I'll leave a link in the comments -and I urge everyone else to do the same! Wouldn't it be fun to see how many items actually get made from the pins?

I've made one of them already!

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