31 days - day 3

I just tried to write this post on my tablet, but publishing it failed....

Today the girls and I spent a lot of quality time together. We've exercised together on indoor machines, painted fake tattoos with face paint, gone for a walk, spotted images in the clouds. We love these days, the days where we just enjoy eachother.

I am a single mother, I have to work full time to make the ends meet, and sometimes I don't have a lot of time, I know that making room for quality time is so important to the girls, they do feel really loved. They bloom when we do things together. and some times they feel like they don't get enough time with me. 

And when all we have to do for them to feel special, is walking outside, telling stories about the clouds together, then it's something I need to make more room for in our lives.

I want my girls to always feel loved. I want them to feel like I priorities them. I therefor try to be on the computer mostly when they are in bed. THEY are important, not my friends on facebook or not even you guys (smile), I can make room for ME-time when they are not around. 

Later this month I will also talk more about the importance of me-time.

Tomorrow I'll be doing... tatatataaaa - WORDS - and I already know what I'll be doing - starting a new tradition in our little family....

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Evie Jones sa...

If you ever doubt that you are doing a marvellous job, then just reflect on this series of posts. Amazing!