Day 4 - words of Affirmation

Today was the first Word of Affirmation day. Again this is something that is important to my girls. Specially one of the girls appreciate this. Her self esteem is not very high at times, and she really likes when someone tells her nice things.

 I decided to make each of the girls a daughter-mother book. This is a book where we can write to each other. I wrote something in the book to them today, and I put the book on their pillows before bed time. The text today said some things I really enjoy about them.

The girls that need it the most thought it was soooo embarrassing, go figure...
 But I do think this can be a nice tradition. In here I can write nice things about them, we can write about things we want to remember and they can tell me things they don't feel like telling me up front.
 I just decorated two composition books - with some nice wrapping paper, stickers and a post card. The white card reads: Happiness is to love you - and the black ones: god is love.
Here are the fake tattoos they did yesterday!

i think they look so cute!

Why am i doing these 31 days? one of my girls has been going through some issues lately, and I've noticed that when I make sure that she feels loved and has enough time with me - everything goes more smoothly.

I want my girls' love cups to always be full, over running. 

I don't want them to get everything they want, I don't want them to be spoiled rotten, but I do want them to ALWAYS feel loved, always feel like they are my priority, even when I take time out for myself.

i also believe that we understand love in different ways and if I understand love, lets say by acts of service, and i constantly try to serve my girls, but they understand love by words of affirmation, then I won't be able to communicate my love to them by serving them. I need to understand how they understand that they are loved. Of course I also believe we need all of the above. But we have ONE way we understand it better than the others. 

At this time in life, I know my girls enjoy quality time. I also know that they express their love to me by acts of service towards me. They are soooo proud of themselves when they get to help me, but we have to do it together - that way the help me and we spend time together...

Tomorrow I picked GIFTS - and I'll try to do it and not spend a dime...

Leave a comment if you try this!

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Evie Jones sa...

Love this idea. Cannot wait until my little ones can read and I can leave them messages.