Day 5 - Gifts

Today was the day of giving gifts. And this is the love language that i mostly want to be careful with, because I don't want my girls to get spoiled. On the other hand, if that's how one of them understands that I love them, I have to take that seriously.

I didn't want to spend any money today - remember, it's supposed to be done CREATIVELY!
 Getting ready for kcwc - the girls and I had talked about me sewing pj's for them and they had picked out the fabric.

I decided I could sew them the pj's today. I put ribbon around them and wrote a note:
 To Arielle (Ariana) Sleep tight <3 mommy!
 And to my surprise, they loved it and really thought the pj's were gifts for them. One of the girls said: But mommy, we haven't talked about this! The other one threw herself around my neck thanking me.
This made me realize that giving gifts can be really simple, it is actually about the packaging - and I'll have to do this more often - not just hand them what I've sewn for them!

Tomorrow is Acts of service!

and soon it will be the girls time to show love by practicing themselves...

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Evie Jones sa...

I love that your girls really appreciate the things you make for them.