Day 6 - Acts of Service

Acts of Service - I feel like I do those ALL the time, ALL day long, EVERY day... as a mother there is always something to fetch, some mouth to feed, a table to clear...

I think my mother's love language is acts of service, so I was always served upon, and i'm doing the same to my girls. I love to serve them, and I never only sometimes took my mother for granted. I don't feel my girls are taking me for granted either. I hope I can teach the girls to be servants. I believe that we are all called to be servants.

When Jesus washed His disciples feet, He told them that they should go out and do the same.

I tried to show my girls some extra acts of services today... and did not get the same responses as yesterday... but that's okay. Ariana has had some broken teddy bears for a little loong while that she wanted me to sew.. so I finally stitched them up - and she just wasn't as happy as i thought she would be... guess that's not her love language, and that's good to know.

My girls are also good servants. They love to help me out, specially when we can do things together. When they help me, they are so happy and so proud, they definitely speak that language...

Filling my girls love cups, will help them becoming more secure and easier to deal with!

I worked a few years with homeless people in New York - and I LOVE IT - I love serving the homeless people, making them feel special, giving them what they need... I want my girls to know that feeling and to feel that they should do the same. i want them to know that we are all called to serve one another!

Tomorrow is TOUCH!

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