kcwc 1 - skirts

For the first day of kcwc (see link below) i made four skirts - one corduroy with pink bow, two jersey skirts and one refashioning from an old skirt of mine.
For the skirt above, i found my inspiration here: 

but I know my daughter doesn't like the bow as big as this, so i made it smaller.

The jersey skirts were really simple, sew the two sides, end pull an elastic while sewing for the waist... done deal!
For this skirt, i just adjusted the waist, now it functions as a maxi skirt for my daughter.

 We both love this skirt, and it has been worn a couple of times already (yes, I started last week... shoot me)
Not liking her pose as much.... but she loves the outfit!

Will be back tomorrow for more kids clothes!

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Evie Jones sa...

Too cute!

You're so organised. I am not! ;-)
Can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings.