31 days - 8 - setting some boundaries

Teaching my girls about love this month, is a really nice experience. It's so nice to just be a little more aware of how am around them.

i realize during this that i do a lot of the five love languages every single day. Quality time is the one that is the hardest to find time (!) to do every day. But it really doesn't have to be a long time. A short period of quality time is a lot better than a long period of time where we don't really see each other.

But love is also about setting boundaries and about raising your child to be person that cares about others.

I'm not a very strict person, but i want my girls to care about others, treat their friends and class mates with respect and love. I want them to be polite and sweet.

This is also love - because if they don't behave nice - they won't be liked by the other kids.

I'm cutting this one short now - it's (late) dinner time...

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