kcwc 2 - leggings

 Four pairs of leggings, or more correctly three pairs of leggings and one pair of jeggings.... The above pair of jeggings is from a pair of my jeggings. I didn't like the color anymore for me. Today the girls father complimented the pair!
 I then made three pair of leggings from velveteen - it's nice and warm to have underneath the winter suit this coming winter. It doesn't get too lumpy and it's soft! I love them all - one pair of gray.
 A brown pair..
and a dusty pink pair...

Loving this week - and especially loving the fact that my girls are getting lots of clothes they need, without me spending ANY money at all - I've only used what i already had... yeah! bliss!!

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Evie Jones sa...

Oh my they are so cute! I want some for Button...and me. I can envisage us curled up on the sofa in them. Twee? I don't care.