Cowl with pattern

 today I'm going to my friends 40th birthday party!
I made her a cowl for her present, here shown on my 7-year old ...
 it can be worn "open" and folded.
3 skeins of thick yarn - I used Fritidsgarn (category 6)
2 skeins of a little thinner yarn, I used Heilo, (category 4-5 maybe)

Size 7 European needles, I like the round ones best

Cast on 36 stitches
row 1-5 - straight stitches
row 6 - knitt one stitch, two together and yarn over - continue until one stitch left, stitch straight

repeat pattern until desired length.

My cowl is 96 cm around.

Cast off - sew the two edges together.
 the pattern looks a little different on both sides.
I hope my friend will be happy!
My daughter's picture ... not too focused, but needed to show you the size on a grown up ...

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Evie Jones sa...

I'm guessing that your friend was absolutely thrilled with this lovely cowl.

Zwieback sa...

I´ll hope, you´re fine, it´s so quiet on your blog.