Shirt and skirt tutorials

So, here are the tutorials i promised you, both for the shirt first and the part of the skirt.

Materials needed:
1 yard knit fabric
ric rac or ribbon

Cut out a pattern from an old shirt or desired pattern.
Front piece, back piece and two sleeves.
Sew the shoulder seams of the front and back together, right sides together.
Sew the sleeve to the bodice.

Sew the sleeve and down the bodice part in one seam. Repeat on other side.
Cut one long piece, about 2 inch wide on the diagonal. Fold over, wrong sides together. Attach to the neck line.
Cut the lace a little wider than the bodice and your desired length.

Ruffle the lace to fit the bodice.
Pin it to the bodice, top stitch around. Make as many layers as you please.
Sew a ribbon or a ric rac to the bottom hem.

1/2 yrd cotton
2 buttons
Sew a basic skirt with a waistband. I made mine a little wide and a little roomy around the waist.

Cut the lace the desired width - make it a little ruffly, sew binding across the top.
Fasten two buttons, one on each side.
Measure where you want your button holes. Sew them.
Now you can fasten the lace apron and remove it - two skirts in one!
In the back - fasten a zipper - I wanted a visible one.

Because I had some elastic that was black and a little pretty, I decided to sew it on the outside for decorations - pull the elastic as you sew.

Now your child can wear her new skirt!

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Evie Jones sa...

Oh your girls are so, so beautiful.

Emily sa...

the girls and the dresses are adorable!!

Emily sa...

the girls and the dresses are adorable!!

Simple Simon & Co sa...

I love how each of your girls' personalities show in their outfits!!! Well done Mom!!!