Kids Clothes Week - day 6-7

I've made another dress - so... I didn't get to make as I wanted this KCW, but I've made three dresses and I have another version of the Carousel top.

I really enjoyed the pattern - it's an easy sew, it comes together really nice and it is easy to make alternations!

 I've been wanting to make a dress with a bow that can be tied in the front and the back, and decided this pattern would be a nice starting point.

 I just made the pattern longer and cut out two triangles in a contrasting fabric - voila!!! A versatile dress!!!
 This is my skinny girl, so having a bow, makes her dresses a better fit.
It's intended as a summer dress, but since we still have snow in our garden (I know... almost May!!!) she had some leggings and a long sleeve shirt underneath to make it warmer! 

I'll try to make up another dress for this one's twin tonight - she doesn't want the bows - but maybe she'll like the bottom at an angle - we'll see!

Have a happy week!

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