Kids clothes Week - Day 7

 I did this skirt Sunday, I promise... A favorite dress that's too small, made into a skirt! I just cut off the top and attached an elastic, pulling on it as I sewed.
 And this picture just makes me so happy! Spring is finally here - this is my favorite spring flower - I picked this for my grandmother EVERY spring - several times every year. Today my daughter came with these for me! Happy mother.
 I made another carousel top - into a dress. I liked this fabric better than the pink one - sturdier, not so wobbly and all over the place.
 I put the "carousel" in the front - the conversations in our house go like this: How is Ariana wearing it? In the back? Okay, Then I want it in the front...
 My twins just do NOT want to wear the same clothes - and I've always urged them to dress differently, so I'm happy with this. Ariana (pink dress) is more girly girl - and Arielle is more "clean" and rocked!
 I made the bottom edged curved.
This pattern is a fantastic pattern. I cut the fabric Sunday (still counts as KCW, right?) and sewed it up today - in less than half an hour. I had already sewed it once - but it's so nice, goes together so quickly and I can alter it any way I want!! The fit is also very nice. My girls are 8 and I cut it in size 8!

I buy all my fabrics in Norway, so I don't think it's of much interest for most of my readers ...

Tomorrow is Labor Day in Norway -  a day off of work - can I hear a HURRAH!!!

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Oh your girls are so stylish!