May 17th Happy Birthday Norway

 Sorry if I offend anyone - but I just happen to live in the best country in the world! And today, May 17th, is Norway's birthday - 199 years since we got our constitution!
 Every May 17th, all the school kids walk in a parade, waving to all the audience, standing in the streets. We sing our national anthem and other really nationalistic songs. We celebrate our freedom, our love for our country, our flag - and notice, it's made out as a cross.
 We eat as many hot dogs and ice creams as we can possibly fit and we are happy. Telling people we don't know Happy Birthday!
 We wear our national costumes, mine is hand made by my mother and I. The girls' are store bought. Next year, I'm planning to make costumes for them!
We love May 17th and Norway
Happy Birthday!

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