Thank God it's Friday!

Totally bored at work today!

Only the cleaning lady and myself are at the school today, there are no phones, only a BIG pile of tests to correct and no one to talk with :(

So let's do something fun instead (sneaking a blog post in at work ... shh)

These are some of the items I've pinned recently:

Project Runway - just wait and see next week what this will become!

Pretty, right? I love it, my girls not so much ...

This weekend I will attempt to:

  1. Wash my house outside - getting it ready for paint
  2. Sew, making a pattern for what I sew
  3. Spend time with my girls ...
  4. Write a paper for my Master's program, due Sunday ...
  5. Sleep!
Yeah, right! In my dreams ... or maybe I'll surprise myself and actually manage to do all of this!
I guess the weekend will show, right?

How are you spending your weekend?

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