Bubble skirt - trying to explain ...

I just love the whimsyness of the bubble skirt, my girls not so much. I had to remove the elastic at the bottom - then they really liked the skirt.
Sort of an explanation for a size 8:
Two rectangles: 70 cm x 37
     27,5 x 14,5 inch

Four rectangles: 35 cm x 20
   14 x 8 inch

Grab the biggest rectangles first. Sew the side seams. Fold over about 10 cm, 4 inch and sew three seams - leave an opening in the seam for the elastic. Add two rows of elastic.

Now take the four rectangles. Sew all the side seams into a circle.

Fold the skirt in four, side seam towards side seam and then fold one more time. Now you have the place for where to attach the four rectangles. You can see this in the above picture - the seams of the four pieces do not align with the seams of the skirt.

Add piping in between the skirt and the four rectangles as you attach them.

Make the hem wide enough for an elastic, leave an opening in the seam for adding the elastic. Make the elastic wide enough for walking - this is a crucial step - otherwise you might see some injuries!

This is the same skirt as two posts below - only a shorter version. You know what to do if you want the longer version ...

Enjoy the skirt, with or as in our case, without the elastic in the bottom!

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