Wrap skirt

 I totally agree - I could have ironed the skirt before putting it up on the blog.
Oh well, there's always a next time, right?

The Skirt Week Challenge ends tonight so I figured I better post the skirt today, and since it's already 9:50 pm here, I needed to get the pictures over with.
 I will post a tutorial for this skirt, after I make another one for the other twin - of course not looking exactly the same, since they don't like the same things ...
But let me tell you, this is a quick skirt to sew! And I really like the look of it.

Lucky with this one, I guess! I guess this skirt makes my fourth just this week! I'm on a roll. I do have a pattern for the dress to finish though and I have some other clothes "in my head" - waiting to be made. 

My girls are really getting bigger - they're 8 and they don't always like the nice, cute clothes. They want attitude.... And I want to make clothes that fit their personality, while still trying to teach them to dress appropriately. So I guess you'll be seeing a lot more of bigger girls clothes that are still decent around here in the future!

Do you have any thoughts on the topic? Please share!

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Evie Jones sa...

I completely agree that girls should look like girls and not like pole dancers. You can be cute and modest, especially if you sew your own clothes. The shops don't seem to think modesty is a priority and, frankly, it drives me crazy.
This skirt is too adorable. I love the fabric and the binding. Very, very cute.

Anonym sa...
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