Hey June - Edelweiss dress

WARNING: picture overload!

I was so lucky as to be one of the pattern testers for the Edelweiss dress from Hey June. Adrianna, the pattern maker, is also the co-writer over at Crafterhours! And man is she talented (they both are ...)

We love this Pattern - with a capital P!
One of my favorite things with sewing, is combining fabrics. And this pattern is perfect for it. There are so many options for combining fabric.
Princess - in the brown dress - doesn't like ruffles and bows. She likes clean lines and fabrics without too many colors. She chose this brown fabric (a thrifted duvet cover) and chose not to have the ruffles over the shoulders.

Angel, the one in the pink w red dots dress, likes girly clothes. The fun thing with these dresses was that they chose their own fabrics. I told them to choose two fabrics from my stash. I love their combinations.

Angel also chose the blue flowery fabrics, but my girls are on the smaller side of size 8 and it turned out too big for her. We gave it to one of their class mates.
For my girls, I used size 6 for the width and fit and size 8 for length.

Thank you Adrianna (name sister to my Ariana in the pink dress) for letting me try out your pattern.
This dress WILL be made as presents this summer, I'm picturing three cousins wearing the same dress ...

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Jennifer sa...

Love that you did one with no ruffles!

crafterhours sa...

Thank you again so much Tone, your girls are so lovely in these pics! I love that you took them to the river - such a nice photo backdrop :)