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This is my project for the Red, White and Blue oveday.
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I am Norwegian, and we live in Norway - our national day is May 17th and we wear our national dresses that day, BUT - my daughters also have their American citizenship. Princess in particular loves everything American!

She has wanted a pair of American flag leggings for the longest time. They are everywhere this year here in Europe.
I made her this pair, together with the Stars and Stripes sweat shirt.
Use a pattern for leggings, one you have or check out Go to patterns.

I just cut up some we had at home that were a little small and made my own pattern. One leg should be navy and one leg should be red. 

Use white fabric paint to paint on the stars on the blue fabric and the stripes on the red fabric.

Sew up!
I'll give you a tutorial later for how I made the shirt. I drew up the pattern myself and we quite like it!

When you've cut out the pattern pieces, use white for the stars and stripes and red for the red stripes. 

I used dry brushes, because I wanted that worn look.
The shirt has two loose ties at both sides so that it can either be tied or loose.
She's so happy with her outfit, she decided to wear it after the photo shoot!
Now that's what I call success - and I think it fits in with the attitude clothes she likes to wear, but yet decent enough for her mother!

And as for the paint .... if you're in a rush, like me - like because you forgot a deadline, for example .... dry the paint with your hair blower before you sew the pieces together!

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