California Maxi Dress Pattern Testing for Everything your Mama Made and More

 I have once again been so lucky as to test a pattern, and man we are in love!

This is Kymy's (of Everything Your Mama Made & More) Reversible California Dress. And this beauty has so many options! I was chosen to make the maxi dress, but it also shows options for knee length, high-low and peplum top.

The pattern will be on sale Saturday the 26th as a pattern bundle sale at Pattern Revolution! you do NOT want to miss this!!!
 The only thing I regret about this pattern, is that I didn't get the lines and colors to match, but I just didn't have enough fabric to make the side seams match.
 The dress has two different bodices, and can be worn whichever way the child prefers. My daughter preferred the scoop neck in front, but I kind of like the halter neck.
 The pattern calls for knit fabric, and is is super comfortable. Just pull over your head and you're dressed for the day!

 The waist band is so easy to put where is most becoming for you or your child. My daughter wanted more of an empire waist, so I just moved the casing for the elastic up to where she wanted it.
 If I could only try to tell you how much she loves this dress.

April in Norway, not necessarily the warmest month of the year, but this is all she wants to wear! She loves the pattern and the vibrant colors of the fabric.
 This is some sort of lycra knit. It's very stretchy and a little heavy. Beautiful!!

What I love about this pattern:
            • the look is so beautiful
            • the size range going all the way up to size 18
            • the easy instructions to follow
            • all the different versions and alternations this pattern lets you do
            • knit fabric
            • it's a fairly quick project!
I'm really trying to come up with something I didn't like, but I can't think of anything. This is honestly a very good pattern! 
 And I've heard rumors there's a women's version coming as well! I know I want this dress!!!

Thank you Kymy for letting me test this pattern :))))

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Elsa sa...

She's a beautiful young lady!!! And you did great with that pattern test