The ELM Raincoat Poncho

 Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! I love this pattern!!! (I still haven't been able to put in the snaps, I need to bring this baby to my mother's house and let her have a go at it)

My daughter is also in love!!!
The pattern is of course one of Celina's (Petit a Petit) in the collaboration Willow & Co's Wanderlust Collection!!!

The release date is still April 22nd! I know it's hard to wait for this collection!
 I love making clothes that just look so professional, clothes where people will come up to me and ask where I bought it! And I know that will happen with this pattern. It is VERY professional.
 the poncho makes a full circle, but is longer in the back. It has a choice of welt and patch pockets and several hood options. The hood even has ear options.
 The size is all the way up to size 10/11 years, and it is rather roomy.
 I made mine in a laminated fabric (that's supposed to be a tablecloth...) and I didn't include a lining. In Norway this will be a summer raincoat, and I didn't think a lining was necessary.
 The hood and pockets are lined with a solid orange/peach cotton fabric.
 I folded all my seam allowances over to one side and top stitched them and then I sealed them with a rain coat sealer. I think/hope it will be totally water proof.
The only thing I changed up from the pattern, was making this thing in the neck to hang the poncho from. It's a large piece of clothing...

It's not a very quick sew, because there are so many long seams to sew, but it is worth all the time making it, it looks so professional and it is just so beautiful. If your child is anything like mine, they will wish for rain on a sunny day, just to be able to wear it!

Here are some of the other wonderful testers:
Kimmie - check out her daughter
Shino - all flowers and beautiful

Just a last reminder: WILLOW & CO, APRIL 22ND

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Celina sa...

I love this soooo much. I can't thank you enough for being an awesome tester. You rock!!!

Skirt Fixation sa...

We included your rain poncho project in our roundup because it is soooo cute! Be sure to link this up to the geometric sew along in July for the chance to win!