ASH Jumpsuit - shorts version

 And again I will show you the wonderful pattern from Celina from Petit a Petit, one of the patterns from the collaboration between several designers at Willow & Co - such wonderful patterns!
 My daughter initially chose these fabrics, but I didn't have enough denim for the pants. Then someone in the tester group mentioned shorts... VOILA!

She also has a jumpsuit shorts from last year that's getting too small - so this one makes her SOOOOO happy. She loves it and wish the weather was warm enough to wear every day.
 I just love how easy it is to so, it covers everything that should be covered!
I think you can tell how happy she is with it!

The release date for ALL the patterns is April 22nd!

It's raining here today and now I have to go and put snaps on a certain ELM raincoat poncho, and make my daughter happy!

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