The ASH Jumpsuit - two piece version

Let me tell you some more about the patterns I tested. First out is the ASH Jumpsuit. As you can see below, the pattern has a one piece and a two piece version. The pattern is made by Celina from Petit a Petit and is one of the patterns in the collaboration Willow & Co . The patterns, oh, all the wonderful patterns will be released April 22nd! There are some gems there, I can't wait until it's released!!!
 I got to test the two piece, with pockets. We love how it looks. My daughter has a thing for halternecks, she loves them, and she loves baggy pants. Here she has both. She also loves jumpsuits.... so I see a lot more of these in the making!
 I tested size 9 on my 9-year old. I would go up a size, because I like what I sew to have some room for growing. My daughter has the exact height measurements as the pattern for this size.
 What do I love about the pattern:
it's easy to sew
it's fast to sew (I love that!)
it's so versatile ... easy to change up, easy to mix up fabrics
the modern look
the very good instructions
the easy put-on/take-off - since it's a jumpsuit
 With the two piece you get some wonderful pants - my daughter loves these, and I will be making more pants. And you get a beautiful top - and it is mommy-approved - it is really decent - because their is elastic around the neck and back, it won't slide to the side and show anything others shouldn't be seeing, you know what I mean?
 And you can easily make it into a costume...
The other women in the test group made BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL jumpsuits - go and visit them (I will miss interacting with them on FB :( ):
Ines - sorry I can't get your dots over your e

I was in the midst of GREATNESS!
Thank you Celina for giving me this opportunity!!!

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Celina sa...

AWESOME!!!! thanks again. xxx

Ula P sa...

Love your version and the jasmine one is so pretty!!

Elisa Clark sa...

What a great idea to make a Jasmine costume!!