The ASH Jumpsuit and the ELM Ponch pattern testing

 Finally able to spill the beans!!! Willow & Co are releasing 10 new patterns April 22nd. And I have been SO LUCKY as to test two of their patterns.

The ASH Jumpsuit and the ELM raincoat Poncho. We are in love.

I actually made three ASH jumpsuits - it is so versatile! I made the above two piece one with peach polka dot cotton fabric and black linen pants. We love it!

My daughter initially picked out the fabrics on the picture below, but I didn't have enough of the denim to make the pants... then someone in the tester group mentioned shorts!!!
 These are made as the jumpsuit. My daughter loooves jumpsuits, I see a lot more in the making for summer - I have so many ideas with this pattern, and it is soo quick. During my testing week, my daughters told me one night they had a dress up party the next evening, and one of them wanted to be Princess Jasmine.
 Another ASH was in the making! And it is so quick (and modest) that she ended up going as Princess Jasmine!

The next pattern I made was the ELM raincoat poncho. Now, she didn't really want a poncho, until I told her it was a raincoat poncho... of to the fabric store, we found this really cool laminated cotton or oilcloth (all I know is that it's supposed to be a tablecloth... )
We are both so much in love! I haven't put the snaps in yet, since my fabric is very sturdy, I needed some sturdy snaps, they'll come in today.

While I was finishing up the poncho, my daughter actually said she wished it was raining... that's how much she loves it!

This is not a quick sew, but it is so worth the time spent!!!

Now, head on over to Willow & Co. The patterns will be sold as a package deal and they can be bought individually.
(The opinions written here are all mine and my daughter's)

I will give you more pictures of each pattern in the days to come. I think they are so wonderfull, they deserve a blog post of their own!

6 kommentarer:

Lucy sa...

So great! I love the jumpsuit pattern and all your versions look great. So tempted by a poncho too Lx

DolloMalice sa...

Wow so many beautiful choices you made. That Jasmine is adorable!

Mie Brindle sa...

Wow, you have been busy and so many great versions you made. That Elm Poncho is REALLY amazing.

lafolie sa...

You know I loved your versions!! Your poncho was one of my favorites!! You definitely have a new follower!! :)

Celina sa...

thank you. thank you soooo much. I just love all your versions and it has been such a great pleasure to work with you. :)

Sara sa...

I can totally understand why you made three ASH! :) It is a great pattern. I wasn't lucky to test the ELM too so I haven't seen other yet, but yours is already a favorite! Great fabric choice!