The Spring Shower Jacket Pattern!!!

 I think this pattern speaks for itself!!! My daughter and I love it.
Elegance & Elephants has done it again!

 So, we cheated a little - it's supposed to be a rain jacket... but I made it in a very light corduroy fabric - and it's perfect for the spring weather we're having right now - sun, very cold in the mornings and warmer during the day.
 It's a very well made pattern - and a little time consuming, but oh so worth it. It's made with double seams almost all over, and I know this will hold up for all her playing and jumping on the trampoline...
 The pattern calls for a rope around the waist, we wanted an elastic instead ... The pattern also has two different versions!

 The hood is very nice and big. Heidi has made the hood a little smaller in her final pattern, but my daughter loves this big one, calling it her secret hiding place!
 And as soon as I get to the fabric store for some more water resistant fabric, there WILL be more Spring Shower Jackets!!! I have been looking for a jacket like this one - and now I have the pattern and can make the jacket myself!!!

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saraH sa...

Wow, you are so talented, it looks amazing! I want one for myself!