Finding inspiration for my first pattern

I am about to start my first pattern from my pattern-making book - THE SKIRT!
The only thing is, I have now clue as to what kind of skirt I want - and I want these clothes to be for me, or another adult, no kids clothes at this point.

So I googled SKIRTS, looking for inspiration. I'm showing you the pictures that "spoke" to me.

Still don't know which to choose, have to look some more.

A lot of nice skirts here - and I think maybe the last one I found is my favorite - it has to be a skirt that I want to wear to work, feel stylish in and that flatters my figure. The last skirt might make me a little big, but I would like to wear this to work.

Now I just have to find the perfect fabric, and start following the instructions in the book on how to make the pattern.

Be blessed, Tone

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