Day 30 head board, finally and picture shelves

After over a year of planning to make my head board, I finally did it... I live in a very old house, from 1885 and the walls are cold. The head board is super easy, but oh so practical. Just two pallets placed vertically - and a bunting. Now during winter I can place quilts and duvets in between the pallets, and my head will be nice and warm!

 I only have to get the pallets into the same color, but I read somewhere that a pot scrub and apple vinegar will do the trick.

 I live near the ocean, and I collect drift wood. It's so lovely. I've had these boards for like forever - more than a year, at least.... and i didn't really know what to do with them. They were too different size-wise to make a table with them. Then I thought of these picture frames - I put them up today - and I have to say, I'm in love!!!
 My living room wall looks so nice - this is above the coach.
And tomorrow I have another drift wood project to show you - it's not finished yet.

Happy Sunday, and don't forget - starting Tuesday - 30 days of tutorials and some really neat visitors!

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