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It's that time of the year again, when we look back at what has been and look forward and try to make ourselves some promises to make the future look brighter, tidier, more financial, healthier or whatever.
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I've written this blog almost a year, my first post being February 3rd. I had hopes it would be a hit... not so much, I've seen blogs grow a lot faster than mine, but I have to be myself and write about things that matter to me and I have to make things I like. I'm going to continue making things I like, writing about things that matter to me, and those of you that find my blog interesting, I love seeing you here!
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I loved doing the So you think you're crafty-contest, don't know if I deserved to be the winner, but I was! Thank you for all of your votes. I also loved One Month to Win It-contest - didn't make it as far there, but had fun while it lasted.

One of my most visited tutorials
This fall has been a busy one, with both the 31 days of change and the 30 days of tutorials. I had so much fun, challenging myself into writing every day - that's what I wish I would be able to do all the time. But between being a full-time working, half-time studying single mother - there just isn't enough hours in the day to be able to create something new to post about every one and single day. 
One of my favorite projects this year

I do really well under pressure, though, and I will continue to challenge myself. Right now I'm planning my contribution to the Project Run and play challenge for this week - being really happy with what I've come up with! I'm also playing with some ideas - some new contests, we need something new soon, right? (smile)
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I really love to blog - I love the new friends I make during this digitalized world, I love the challenges I get, the ideas, the visits, the comments, and I love to read your blogs. I have a few favorite blogs - OK, a lot of them...  You guys are just so talented, and making a top three would be almost impossible - and unfair to all the ones I love, but don't mention here.... look at my blog roll, you'll get an idea.
one of my favorite projects this year - my final project at SYTYC

We've had a really nice Christmas this year. My brother has been visiting with his wife and two daughters. My girls looooove to play with their cousin. And I love listening to their talking and playing. My girls have a strong faith in Christ - my brother's family is not believers. My girls cannot fathom how someone just doesn't believe - their telling their cousin how she can just look at herself as proof of God existing... and maybe you'll believe when you grow up. This conversation is truly one of my favorite things happening this year, my girls showing how strong their faith is. It's my BIGGEST fear as a parent that they will grow up not believing - and so far, so good! I am so blessed! 
One of my girls' favorite project this year - they slept here past summer.

Their teacher is also telling me they witness about Jesus a lot in class - makes my heart so proud of them!
My girls' other favorite project, they use it all the time for playing with their Barbies

Now, 2012 is one day away, I hope you'll come back, I would love to see you. I really wish you the very best 2012 - 

May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord make his face to shine upon you,
and be gracious to you.
May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
and give you peace.

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Janelle sa...

Have a lovely and blessed 2012. I love your blog - it strikes me as open, real, and approachable.